Wolf Soul - My debut Novel

So Wolf Soul - Volume I of The Wolf's Howl Trilogy has been live for a month now on Amazon. If you like a werewolf story please don't miss it and let me know what you think. My story has a bit of a twist. My werewolves always keep their shape, meaning that they don't return to their human form in the morning after a Full Moon. Another twist is that, unlike how they've always been portrayed, they can actually speak and reason. Obviously, they can choose not too... If you are like Luvinus, you will question what all that is for and if going on killing sprees is all what your werewolf life has to give you. (most of the answers he seeks will come on volume II). If you are like Shorath, you really just don't give a darn and will embrace your powers and welcome every Full Moon when a werewolf is at its most uncontrollable and powerful self.

Things change when an orphaned 16 year-old-girl catches Luvinus' eye... But Shorath is watching.

"Stop it. I don't want to be one of you!", he growled in despair.

Luvinus had been transformed into a werewolf against his will almost a century ago. Still human and the omega of the pack, there wasn't much he could do against his bloodthirsty alpha. A helpless sixteen-year-old girl forces him challenge his pack, but will he be strong enough to fight them on a Full Moon? Above all, will he be able to control his own beastly instincts and let humanity - and love - prevail?


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